Photo First Communion Invitations - Top 7 Trends For These Special Invites

Published: 15th January 2010
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Photo first holy communion invitations are more than just a written request to share a special event. They are keepsakes. If you're considering sending these unique, personalized invites, here are seven of the newest and biggest trends to consider.

1. More than one photo - Conventional first communion invitations get a modern makeover by featuring multiple photos. You might want to use a baby picture and a current one, so all your guests can see how much your child has grown. Another option is to highlight a single portrait of your daughter in her pretty white dress or your son is his suit, as well including snapshots of him or her in casual clothes. And finally, you could choose one picture that illustrates a serious, prayerful pose, while another shows your child with a lighthearted, big broad smile.

2. Soft, spiritual designs with a updated twist - There are stunning photo communion invitations available that tie in the religious message with a fresh new look. You can find invites with rainbows, a Bible with your child's name "inscribed" on it, lambs, white roses, gold balloons, a chalice, and of course, the cross. Since those unique designs are out there, the big trend is to browse until you find something you love.

3. Personalized with your words - You don't need to settle for stock communion invitations that use the same text, but just substitute your information. More and more people are choosing to get creative with what their invites say. Make sure you include the details, such as you child's name, date and time of the service, church name and address, time and place of the reception with the address, and how to RSVP But after that, you can share a favorite Scripture, poem or thought from your heart.

4. Think outside the box - that's where you'll find beautiful, simple designs that are not originally meant to be religious in nature. You don't have to limit yourselves to invites created specifically for this occasion. Browse through birthday, wedding, save the date and anniversary categories until you find a design you like. Then let your child's photo set the tone with your daughter in her white dress or your son in his suit, posed with a rosary, hands in prayer or a with a Bible. Add your favorite Bible verse and you can turn any regular photo invitation into a first communion invite. If you're dealing with a company that does custom work, you can probably request that they add a cross or other Christian symbol to the card.

5. Homemade masterpiece - Create an original, one of a kind communion invitation with your child. Make a scrapbook page together using nice background paper trimmed to 8 by 12 inches. Arrange your photos on the page, add a bold title and all the who, what, where, when information. You might also want to include a ribbon or other embellishment in your layout. When you're happy with the results, take a close-up photograph of the page, making sure that everything is in view. Print out a sample 4 by 6 inch picture to check if it all looks right, and then make reprints. You can address the back and send like a postcard or put them in envelopes to mail.

6. Photo bookmarks - These attention-grabbers make great substitutes for standard communion invitations. You can still include your child's picture and all the pertinent information on a bookmarker with a religious design. They cost about the same as a regular invite with photographs, are lightweight so they require only one stamp to mail, plus they really stand out. Custom, personalized magnets are also available and they have the same 'wow" factor.

7. Photo thank you - Maybe you had your heart set on sending out first holy communion invitations with a photograph of your daughter in her lovely dress, but didn't get the dress in time. Well, you're not alone. That's why there is a growing trend of parents to use traditional invitations for their child and then follow that up after the event with photo thank you cards. You can use a single portrait of your son or daughter or multiple pictures that showcase the highlights of this special event.

There are great new ideas available for photo communion invitations. With so many options, the hardest part might be to narrow it down and pick just one. But whatever you and your child choose, your guests will be certain to appreciate and treasure these special invites.

Linda Kling, as the owner of has offered ideas to people planning first communion celebrations and other parties since 1992, and she recommends these photo communion invitations, featuring your multiple photos, plus these photo communion favors.

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